November 2018

Biscoff Spread Smooth & Crunchy

The famous Biscoff spread from Europe - the original smooth creamy sensation and the new crunchy version! Suit your every craving for the great taste of the classic Biscoff caramelized biscuits. Imagine the possibilities - use it on toast, in sandwiches or just enjoy right off the spoon.

Viberi – New Zealand Oragnic Crispy Blackcurrant Berries

The entire ViBERi range is created from our finest, freshly picked New Zealand blackcurrants, with all the goodness of the blackcurrant packed inside thanks to snap freezing straight from the orchard. From the fertile soils under the shadow of New Zealand’s Southern Alps the organic ViBERi blackcurrants get their rich color, flavor and nutrients.

Samyang Sriracha Ramen

Love Samyang Noodles and Sriracha Sauce? Now you can have Samyang's Latest Sriracha Flavoured Ramen!

Granola Geeks x Soluxe Protein Range

This amazing chocolate bark thing that is so chocolatey and crunchy and incredibly moreish, which, by the way, would be our go-to word to describe this snack - “So pleasant to eat that one wants more”.

Annabel K Baby Puree

Annabel’s delicious, nutritious Organic Baby Purees are inspired by her favourite home-cooked recipes. Each handy twist-top pouch contains nothing but pure, wholesome goodness to help give your baby the very best start in life.

Golden Flower Wu Jia Pi Chiew

A medicinal wine distilled from sorghum and more than 20 Chinese herbs such as wu chia pi, dried tangerine, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, Chinese angelica, liquor ices. The Golden Flower brand is a popular and traditional household name from the well-known Tianjin food and beverage manufacturer.

Haidilao Soup Base Assorted

Base of from the famous steamboat chain restaurant Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, now you can serve their harmonious medley of piping hot soup in the comfort of your own home with their Soup Bases. With flavor selections for you to choose from such as Spicy Malak, tomato and more.

Germinal Organic Biscuits

Tasty and organic biscuits that will allow you to enjoy the authenticity and the goodness of it’s ingredients. Embellishing every taste with a surprisingly delicious note.

Hofu Handmade Assorted Chips

An artisanal gourmet snack product that strives on the usage of real ingredients for flavours that are the real deal! Our Premium Fish Skin, thick cut Potato Chips & Charcoal Nachos are carefully tossed with freshly infused herbed & spiced oils to ensure a memorable taste profile like no other!

TTL Bowl Noodles

It’s not just an Instant Noodle, It is a MEAL by itself. Immediately enjoy this authentic essence of the Chinese noodles & savour it’s classic good taste instantly!